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Live Wire Communications Inc. has several years in the wireless business. We are a full service iPhone, Smart Phone, Cell Phone Resale & Salvage Facility. Established in 2006. We also provide cell phone accessories, batteries, and parts. Call or Text Sales - 864-275-1625 or Buyback/ Salvage - 864-275-1625, Email us




We do not Buy or Trade "individual billed" Cell Phones! Reason! Many individual cell phones that are being sold on Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist & other online shopping venues have unpaid balances with their original wireless carriers. These phones cannot be activated until the bill is paid in full on these phones. In other words do not spend a lot of money on a phone that could be rendered useless. We buy our phones from Corporate & Government accounts that do not have these issues. We check all of our ESN's & IMEI's through:

Turn Your Companies Used Cell Phones, Tablets, Radios into Cash.

Live Wire Communications Inc. works with Small businesses, FORTUNE 500 companies and Government accounts to salvage used wireless products (like used cellphones, tablets, 2 way radios) to compensate them at fair market value for their used cell phones and other wireless products. Call,Text or Email us for a current used cellphone purchase price list.

300 John Street, Suite 1a, Greer, SC 29651  -  phone: 864-275-1625

300 John Street, Suite 1a, Greer, SC 29651 - phone: 864-275-1625